Monday, August 16, 2010

Long and Wet

That's what she said!

My weekend started with happy hour Friday after work. After a company picnic filled with BBQ and desserts, I was not in the mood for dinner. We went to a placed called The Firehouse for dinner and drinks. Everyone else ordered dinner while I stuck to Guinnes. We walked around downtown for awhile untill we finally stopped at an ourdoor bar for a few more drinks. I was in bed by 10am. I loved it.

Saturday morning I met some coworkers to go mountain biking on some sweet trails about 30 min from where I live. Not as much mud and stream crossings as I would like, but enough to make me clean my mountain bike.

I then had to rush home and get to my grandparents's house to celebrate my dad's 57th birthday. My grandmother said lunch would either be hot dogs or flank steak. We had hot dogs. I didn't want to stuff myself because I still had to do my 16 miler that evening. I only had one piece of cake and a brownie! I gave myself 3 hours before I set out for my run.

When I am at my parents house, I always run on the Union Canal. It's crushed gravel, flat, and shaded. .

The part that I usually run on is about a 7 mile stretch, with water stops along the way. I planned my route (without my GPS, I couldn't find it) to hit about 16 miles with my dad's imput on how far different places were on the trail. "If you go all the way to then end, turn around, go all the way to the other end, then go 1/2 way the other way, then home, that should be about 16" he said. It really didn't seem that far in my head, but once I got out there around 5:30pm and the sun started going down, it got pretty dark, and late. I still had enough energy to take a shower and go to the bar for some beer and wings though!

Sunday morning I was up early again getting ready to go play golf. 8:50am tee time and it started pouring as we were loading the bags on our cart. Luckly it stopped before we teed off so off we went. Cracked a beer on the first hole and never looked back. I seem to play a lot better when I'm drinking. I was a horrible 10 over the front nine but only 4 over the back. Around hole 16, after I watered every tee box tree from all the liquids I was consuming, it started to rain. Then pour. Three guys in the group behind us continued to play so we pulled off the path and let them play through. We were sitting in the car for about 10 minutes when I finally said "screw it, lets keep playing". We finished the hole and finished the round. I was drenched, but I was drunk so it didn't really matter. I look at my watch and it's only 1:30pm. Woops. Probably shouldn't have had 8 beers. Oh well. At least I got my long run in, and felt good about it!


  1. so happy to have found your blog! sounds like a perfect weekend to me!

  2. I love your Dad's description on how to hit 16 miles!

  3. he's also a runner, albeit a slow one, so I trusted his "distance" (but how can he know? he's been running the same trail for 30+ years but NO GPS)