Thursday, August 26, 2010

2 tempo runs

Monday night I did a 7 mile tempo run at race pace, well, probably a little quicker than race pace (around 8:06 i think) then when I look at my training calender, I realized I was supposed to do 9. Last night I decided to do a 10 mile tempo run. I was playing with my GPS and remembered I have a virtual partner to help pace me. My GPS does beep every mile to tell me what I ran the previous mile in, but with virtual partner it gives me how far ahead (or behind) i am and updates in real time. I'm happy to say I stayed .10-.15 ahead of my 'partner' the entire time, even with some pretty decent size hills. My average pace was 8:14 and I finished in 1:22. I also weighed myself before and after and I dropped 7lbs (water weight). Don't worry, I drank a gallon of water when I got back and ate 3 slices of home made pizza for dinner! (with a piece of cake for dessert).

Tonight is a track workout with Keith

how are your tempo runs coming along?


  1. i'm stuck just doing 10 every morning. i need to shake it up a bit. great post. :)

  2. HOLY CRAP! Two tempo runs!? Awesome!

  3. Sorry I couldn't make it to the track! I had to say goodbye to a bunch of peeps in Mburg. I'll be in town til Monday or Tuesday, hopefully we can do something before then :)