Monday, August 23, 2010

First 20 miler!

I took off work Friday (called in sick actually) because we went to Indiana, PA for the weekend. Took off Thursday night, about a 3 hour drive. Got there around 10:30pm. I had to wake up early (to call in sick) and also get to the golf course! We teed off around 9:30am. Cracked the first beer about 30 min before that. I played terrible the front nine, 14 shots over par! On an interesting side note, the 8th hole my golf ball went through the front windshield of a truck coming down the road! He's trying to make me pay for it (the owner of the trucking company actually came to the course to try and get money from me!) "So I priced it out and it comes to $250. I take cash or credit cards" Scew you buddy! I'm not paying your shit till I talk to my insurance agent! Don't you think the golf course is responsible for it anyway? I mean the road goes right through the course. They have to have insurance for that!

I stopped drinking after the round because I had to hydrate for my long run Saturday morning. I went on because I had no idea where I was going. I usually like to make loops because I don't like running the same road out and back. The elevation was deceiving on the website. There were so many hills. I made it 20.39 miles in (eek) 3:15. My wife's cousin, who is 16, was nice enough to ride with me to carry my water and food. He was riding right behind me for the first 2 miles or so until we came up to the first hill. He had to walk. He would pass me on the downhills and I would pass him back on the ups. Well, he only made it 14 miles when his dad came driving by and he's like, "I'm hungry, I'm quitting!" Seriously? I need you to carry my water! So I chugged a lot of water and carried 1/2 a bottle with me. The last 6 miles was super slow. The last 3 were up one big hill that was so sloped it was hurting my ankles. It turns out that when I got back, we found out that his back brakes were locked up the entire time! He probably could have made it if he noticed. (he doesn't have much common sense!)

Then the party started. It was my wife's uncle's 60th surprise party. We drank, ate, and partied. I burned 3,200 calories on that run so I easily ate 5,000 calories Sunday (including beer). I took some great videos on my phone of my 'uncle' doing his little dance routine to the Village People (it's almost an annual treat now) but I cannot upload it here(he didn't know they were gay until about 3 years ago). It started raining around 10pm and we started playing poker. These guys live for poker. That's all they talk about. I flopped this, he beat me on the river that... I started with $20 and walked away at 2:30am (when the game ended) with $120. I think after I talk to my insurance agent this morning, if it's my fault, I'll offer the truck driver $125 and say "that's the cost of driving through a golf course!"


  1. Good job on the 20 miles - too bad your water buddy quit on you part of the way through!

  2. I laughed so hard at the way you narrated the windshield incident. I hope you boss doesn't see this :)

    Geez, waterboy could've at least gone up ahead of you and stashed some water for you. Ohhh, that's right, you said he is lacking in the common sense department.

  3. i didn't even think about that! I should have told them to drive up and throw a bottle down. Who's lacking common sense now?

  4. Thanks for being my 50th! I am your 9th!