Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Ultimate Frisbee

Ultimate Frisbee started this week here in Harrisburg, PA and with the warm weather coming in, it was tons of fun. My team, bumblebee tuna, is off to a 1-0 start. We had a fun time last night and managed an 11-7 win. The only thing I don't like about playing is the bloody toes. Running around in soccer cleats making cuts all day just tears at my feet.

This is what I felt like last night.

This is what I probably looked like last night.

Anyone else like to play 'Ultimate"?

Monday, April 8, 2013

Mt Penn Mudfest 15k – Race Report

Last Saturday was the 19th running of the Mt Penn Mudfest 15k. Not a mudrun or obstacle course, just a good ole fashion trail run. I drove into Reading, PA that morning, stopped at my parents' house to drop off the dog and made my way with my brother in law and dad to the race start. Luckily we get there about an hour before the race start because of the parking situation. 800 runners expected at a tiny park. I was sure to grab a spot with easy exit access.
After the usually tee-shirt pickup I ran about a mile to warm up. I ran into the woods so I could also use God's bathroom, a tree. The race was originally supposed to start at 10am but again, because of the parking situation, we didn't get started till 10:20. The first ½ mile was on pavement to let people space out a bit. I remember hearing one guy near me say 'look at all these people blowing their loads so early.' I thought, 'look at this idiot lined up near the front and getting passed by everyone.'
As soon as we hit the trail, things turn into a cluster-fuck. The trail is mostly single track for the first 1-2 miles and ½ mile isn't enough time to space out the eventual 550 finishers. I just hung out and watched people try and pass and get hit by branches. I wanted to say something like 'calm down, it's still early' but found people tripping over rocks much more enjoyable.
The course is designed to be an out and back with a lolly pop at the top. This worked out really well until the leaders were coming back the other way. I only saw 1-2 people until I turned off the course for the lolly pop at the top. Coming back the other runners were very nice and stepped to the side to let us pass. This went on for about a mile until we saw the sweeper come through to remove the trail markings.
Coming back towards the finish area, the ground was rock-free and relatively flat so I was able to open it up to what I imagine was about a 7 minute mile. I forgot my GPS so I was going on feel alone. I was also running by myself at this point with several hundred yards between the runner in front and the running behind me. Trying to catch the runner in front while not being caught was my plan. I came to the final steps up to the ball field and with just about 100 yards to go, I sprinted to the tape to finish in about 1:29.
I can't really compare this time to my time two years ago because it's a totally different course. For a 15k it felt like I was putting in a lot more effort than the 9:37/mile shows. It must have been due to all the super steep up hills and down hills that needed to be navigated slowly (read: walked).
After the finish I grabbed some Gatorade in my finisher's pint glass and checked on my place. Turns out I placed 3rd Clydesdale and one this sweet award.

I had to high-tail it out of there to meet some friends who were on their way to a beer fest of sorts. Great day to race and I picked up some pretty sweet hardware.
Thanks for reading.


Thursday, February 21, 2013

It’s been awhile…

I've been here on blogger for a few years and typically just post race reports. There are about 5-10 blogs I read on a daily basis but it's hard to find the time to create blog posts of my own. I'm going to try and change that. I'm going to try and post at least weekly with things that I am doing. I doubt anyone is really interested but I'm just going to ramble. Maybe even post some cute pics of my kid.

Currently my race schedule consists of mostly running with a few triathlons in the mix. My hopes this year are to focus on ultra running and trying to complete my first 50 miler. Tentatively the JFK 50. My current race schedule looks like this:

March 30 – Mt Penn Mudfest 15k trail run in Reading, PA

April 20 - Hyner View Trail Challenge, 25k trail run

April 28 - Nike Woman's Half Marathon in Washington, DC – Team in Training even

June 2 - Rothrock Challenge, 30k trail run in State College, PA

July 12-13 - Musselman Triathlon (double mussel) Spring on Saturday, Half Ironman on Sunday in Geneva, NY

Early August Brigantine Triathlon – Sprint distance

October 5 – Blues Cruise 50k trial run in Reading, PA

November 23 – JFK 50 mile

December – Nittany Valley ½ marathon in State College, PA

I assume there might be a few 10ks and other ½ marathons thrown into the mix but the above are the main races I am focusing on right now (read: getting management approval).

This is also my 5th event fundraising for Team in Training. If you would like to visit my fundraising page, or even make a contribution, please do so here.