Monday, July 19, 2010

We close in a week!

Our closing on our house is scheduled for next Thursday, July 29th. Looks like we are going to close on time as well. Everything is in, the appraisal is done (albeit $100 over sales price) and they took care of all the stuff we wanted done on the home inspection. Now we just need to close, paint, then we can move in.

I have a 10k that Sunday after closing and an Olympic Tri the next weekend, so I don't know when we are going to be able to move in. Hopefully sometime durning the week, if we get some friends to help, we can bang out in an evening. Luckly everything is packed in boxes so all we have to do is put it in the house, then I'm sure it will take us a month to unpack everything.

As long as we find the coffee maker day one, that's all we need! (right sam?)

Marathon training is going well. Saturday I ran a strong 14 miles. It got rather hot and there wern't many water fountains on our route so that's something we are going to have to change up, or start planting water bottles along the route.

Sunday I went for a 75 mile bike ride with some friends and 12 miles in a spoke broke. Damn these legs for being so powerful. Wheels can't handle me cranking it up hills!


  1. Don't pack the coffee maker, just bring it in the car with you to the new place and no worries :)

  2. the coffee maker is already in a box in storage, and has been for 2 months