Thursday, July 22, 2010

Harrisburg Mile

Last night was the Harrisburg Mile. YES I KNOW, JUST ONE MILE. But it was to benefit the local YMCA, or Y as they like to be called now. Waves start every 10 minutes based on age. I stared at 6:45. There were maybe 30 in my wave. Chipped timed, which is nice.

I went out fast, really fast. It's only a mile, right? They even had splits every 1/4 mile. My first 1/4 mile was 61 seconds. Shit, way too fast. No one was around me. At the 1/2 mile point the clock said 2:12. OK, slowed down a little, save some for the end. Still, no one around me. I'm starting to think to myself, "is it really going to be this easy?" Then I heard the cheers "come on Adam" "lets go Adam" They mean Jason, right? Shit, here comes Adam! I wish this was only a 3/4 of a mile race, I would have won. I start to see shadows and Adam and another dude wiz past me. I keep up with them for all of 3 seconds when I just decide to let them go. I'm in this race for hardware and a PR!

Why didn't anyone tell me the last 200 yards was uphill? The cheers from the crowd didn't help. I was in lots of pain. Quads were burning. (why did I have to run 7 miles in the rain the day before? and swim?) Luckily, someone in the crowd yelled out "you got 3rd easy" because he obviously saw me looking over my shoulder, both ways, every 2 seconds! I cruise thru the finish line in a time of 5:18. A new PR! And 3rd place! AND FREE BEER TENT! Yeah, you know where I headed. 5 beers, 2 hours, and dinner consisting of cotton candy and twlizzers later, I get my sweet-ass trophy and leave to go find my car. Shit, where did I park?

On other GREAT news.... I stopped at a gas station last night and bought some Powerball tickets like I always do twice a week. Coworkers and I each throw in $2 twice a week to play. I check the numbers this morning and we matched 4 out of 5 numbers not including the Powerball for $100!! Scratch offs here we come! (split 8 ways is only $12.50pp but whatever)


  1. A 5:18 mile? In my dreams only. Great job and nice hardware for your effort!

  2. A new PR! And 3rd place! A N D FREE BEER TENT?!?

    a w e s o m e !

    I run 5:18 . . .
    . . in my dreams. when I am a Kenyan.

    Way to go!!