Friday, November 12, 2010

No baby yet

Everything is in a frozen state as the official due date has come and gone and no baby yet. I'm just going to post some pictures of some of the sock monkeys my mother in law and sister in law made for Baby Foges. These are basically stuffed socks with buttons, stitching, and imagination.

the gang, just hanging out

someone said this will look like me in 10 yrs

pretty sweet lion!

monkey hanging out


We have about 20 of these for the baby. I think they are pretty sweet. My inlaws are so freakin' creative. I hope Baby Foges gets some of that!

Oh and by the way, if you don't follow DC Rainmaker, do it. He has some great posts and also gives away free stuff!


  1. Now you wait! I never had to go past my due date. My girlfriend did and everyone would call and ask them if it was time yet. :) I hope Baby comes soon! I love all the sock monkeys! Too cute!

  2. OMGosh the second one is my favorite. Looks pregnant or gangsta. NOt sure which.

    I jumped on my diving board - ER 2 hours later!! YAY me!! do you have a pool nearby?!

  3. we r in PA here Emz.... it's COLD. Pools are closed. She does roll on my exercise ball, though. Anything we can do to move things along!

  4. My babies were all late. Hang in there. Loving the puppets, so cute.

  5. OMG, you should have your inlaws do a guest-blog-post and post a tutorial. Your tri-fans will love that. LOL... but seriously, those are amazing! :)