Wednesday, September 15, 2010

You spin me right round baby, right round

All this marathon training has really taken it's toll on me. It's tough to put together two consecutive days of hard running. My legs just feel gassed, lead-like almost. I have done one 20 miler a few weeks ago so I know I can finish the marathon, maybe not at my goal time of 3:40, but finish nonetheless.

The past 3 long runs I have done I start to get a little pain on the inside portion of my left ankle. Maybe it's due to the curve or the road or the way I'm landing, but it hurts and it's upsetting when I hit mile 15 of a scheduled 20 miler and I have to stop and limp home. So luckily I started my taper and there are no more 20 milers in my future. I think, since the pain starts around mile 13-15, I'm going to throw in a few tempo runs at race pace and also some 'long' runs about 30 sec slower than race pace no longer than 15 miles.

Anyway, back to the title. (thanks Emz) Since my legs have been so beat I decided to go back to my winter training routine, at least for last night. The spin class. I told myself (and the instructor, who is also my Realtor) that I wouldn't be back till it gets too cold outside to ride. Well it was a beautiful sunny 80 degree day yesterday but I packed my gym bag with my cycling shoes, bike shorts, and a towel and off I went.

I really did miss it. I even remembered the setting on my bike (height N, seat 2, handlebars 4). Plus it's always fun to look at the cute girls in spin class. You just don't see that on the back roads where I ride. Just larger women in the drive-thru of McDonald's or 7-11 getting Krispy Kremes. Back to the class. I have never had this instructor before for spin. I have had her once or twice for yoga as she filled in for the regular. Her voice for yoga was so soft and nice but unfortunately that doesn't work for spin class with the music blaring. I could barley hear her sometimes so I just did what I wanted. She did keep saying "where's your breathing", and I thought to myself "in my lungs dumb ass". Then she started asking everyone what their resting HR was and we had 'homework' to check it first thing in the morning. Just sitting at my desk my HR is well below 60 so I'm fine.

After spin class the girl next to me said "it looks like you sweat enough to fill a baby pool". What am I supposed to say to that? Do I smell too? (i think i kinda did). But all I could think of was "thanks, I had a lot of water today."

Who else spins? Do you feel stooopid spinning inside when it's so beautiful outside?


  1. I would have said to that girl "Thanks! I had a great workout and worked hard!" I love to sweat and think it's a good thing.

    I take X-Bike two mornings a week...but I've never been an outside bike rider for exercise, so it's all I know.

  2. This post just makes me HAPPY-HAPPY-HAPPY!!!

    That song rocks!

    Sweating in a spin class --- there's seriously NOTHING like it!

  3. What's with the sweat comment? I sweat like a crazy person too even if I'm only going a few miles I'll be drenched. It's in our DNA.
    Little fact: Biking is the only x training sport that can also help your running.

  4. I had to laugh at "cute girls in spin class" cause all I can picture is everybody being all covered in sweat and there not being anything 'cute' about it... which is at least how I always feel in spin class! I guess that means I'm getting a good workout in there too. I would love to find a gym soon and get back to spinning!

  5. SAMANTHA!!! WELCOME BACK!!! i'm pretty sure guys were looking at you, even if you were sweating