Thursday, September 9, 2010

weekend recap (shit, it's thursday already)

for lack of time, here is my weekend in terrible english.

Friday i got off work at 3pm and we drove to Pittsburgh for our first baby shower. Got there around 8pm and just hung out for a little bit. I went to bed early so I could get up at 5:30am and do my long run. I was out the door around 6am and finished 8 miles before the sun came up. I ran two 8 mile loops stopping at a gas station at mile 4 and 12 to drink some gatorade I bought on the first loop and stashed in a bush for the 2nd loop (i came back to get my empty bottle) I managed to squeak out 17 at an 8:40 pace after some stomach problems (and a stop at the gas station mile 12). I showered and we were off to the golf course.

It was extremly windy on the course and the ball flight was affected by the wind. I ended up shooting a 92, but should have been around an 85 because of the wind. After we finished up, and finished a beer at the bar, we went to help clean up the baby shower. I guess I was kinda drunk or because these woman didn't have anything to drink but it just felt kind of awkward when I was in there. Too much estrogen. I helped them clean up and we went home to hang out with whom was left. I hung out for an hour or so but I had to take a nap. I fell asleep for 1-2 hours on the couch watching football but felt a lot better when I woke up. Some friends came over and we hung out by the camp fire till it was time for bed.

Sunday we woke up and decided to go to Target to return 3 baby swings we got. Funny story, we got 4 swings, for some reason they wern't coming off our registry so people kept buying them. I got a sweatshirt with the return $ because i thought it was still summer and didn't pack any pants or long sleeve shirts. Sunday was also the free Rusted Root concert. They put on a free show annually and all the donations go to some charity. They are from Pittsburgh. 7 of us packed in a van along with 5 other cars full of our friends all went in at the same time. We got there around 3pm and the show didn't start till 7:30. We played football, cornhole, frisbee, and grilled tons of food. The show started and we made our way down to the stage and had a blast. The show was in a park and we were in the first row of cars, so we could actucally see the stage from our car, but we walked down the side and ended up 6 rows back. Damn hippies! (apparently i can hulu-hoop!)

Monday we chilled around the inlaws place till it was time to pack up. We stopped at a friend's house who was having a bbq and ate some more food. We made the 4 hour drive back in record time and unpacked all our baby shit so emily can start 'nesting' (i just met her for lunch and she's going to babies r us to take some clothes back)

short week! alright!


  1. 4 swings! I hate when registries don't work like they are supposed to. I found that Target doesn't update their info constantly, they only do it at the end of the day. So those 4 people could have went the same day and it wasn't taken off yet. Babies R Us updates it right away. At least you can take things back!

    Sounds like you had a good weekend, and the next one is just a day away!

  2. that's a great point Rae... actucally i think they were all bought on the same day!

  3. So just so I'm clear, you "partied", ran, golfed, napped, watched football, ate, shopped and drank beer. Why am I jealous of your weekend. Sounds near perfect!