Wednesday, October 20, 2010

I think I found my HIM race!

I had this crazy goal this year of progressing through triathlon distances one year at a time. Even thought I spend 3 years doing sprint distances, this year was my first Olympic, no wait, that was a duathalon... This Olympic was an 'official' Olympic, next year I want to do another Olympic in the spring then a Half Ironman in the fall and eventually a full Ironman in 2012. Well, you know how it goes. You go to all these races and people start talking about other races. Ultra Marathon Trail runs? Sure they sound like a good idea except why are they always on the weekends you have other races?

I have been looking around a great website just putzing around looking for different races. I would love to do the new Pocono 70.3 Half Ironman but $275 entry fee? Really? That's too rich for my blood. So back on beginner triathlete and I found Cannonman Triathlon and as of this post, there are only 2 poeple entered. EASY AWARD ALERT!!!!!
The entry fee is reasonable at $130. The site is about 2 hours from me which isn't too bad but the only lodging listed on the website is a campground. I love camping just as much as the next guy but camping is reserved for staying up late, drinking beer, and having a good time. Not waking up early to torture your body.

But I'm really pumped about it and I think I can fit it into my race schedule. The only other 'A' races on my calander are a triathlon with Team in Training (not announced yet, but probably a sprint or Oly in early summer) and a Marathon with my sister. (her first)

So if you are interested in racing a cheap, low key HIM next fall, let me know (please note: not accepting M30-35 unless you are slower than me) SO WHO'S WITH ME FOR THE CANNONMAN 70.3 2011?

p.s. I also changed my profile picture to an actuap picture of me! This is me at my very first triathlon 3 years ago. I was also 60lbs heavier. I'm skinny(ier) now!

A special thanks to Sam for reminding me I can use hyperlinks in my posts! She's also here!


  1. skinny(ier) now?!?! HOLY ^%#!# !? Are you hooked up to an IV? ;)

  2. Emz took the words right out of my mouth. you don't look 60 or even 10 pounds overweight in that picture...and don't pictures add weight or is it just television? Anyway, i'm with you on the crazy expensive race fee's. That's why i don't race very much. A couple of key races throughout the year and i'm happy. Good luck with your training!

  3. The TnT Tri suit in the blog is my current weight (200-205) the profile picture I was prbably pushing 250-260!

  4. Haha! That wasn't you in that profile pic! Too funny! Thanks for putting the real you up. :)

  5. I would encourage you to indulge in skinny jeans except that you already have a picture of spandex up for all to see. Enough is enough.

  6. I was very confused too, cause in the tri-suit pic you have nowhere near 60 lbs on you to lose! Thanks for the shout-out!! I noticed you went crazy with all the links, I thought you were mocking me :)

    If I can ever find my goggles I'd like to try and do an olympic in the spring, too- we'll see how THAT goes :P