Tuesday, May 25, 2010

My first official 'guided house tour'

Last night, after I finished my swim at the local lake, I met my realtor to look at a house for sale. Realizing the previous owner passed away, and this house has not been lived in or cared for in several months, you have to imagine the potential this house has.

First, the setting. This house sits on one acre of a mostly wooded lot. We were standing on the back porch and all you could hear was birds chirping. It was very peaceful. You could barly see the neighbor's house on either side thru the trees. It also help that the house to the right is a beautiful log cabin.

Second, the garage. As you can see from the picture above, it's a two car over sized garage. It can easily fit two cars, a motorcycle, and probably a boat if you angle if correctly. One of my criteria in searching for a house is a two car garage. Not that my cars are very nice but I'm not a fan of cleaning snow off my car or having leaves clog up the drains in my engine.

Third, the basement. There was a distinct odor in the basement and my realtor said some animals got in and did their thing in there so they ripped up all the carpet. It was mostly an unfinished basement with 3 rooms. Family room, laundry room and probably a HUGE 4th bedroom. Just needs a little drywall and it would be perfect.

Fourth, the living area. Not too bad, very dated. The kitchen counters were an ugly shade of mustard on fake wood floors. But again, this house is about potential. The kitchen, as you can see, is pretty big with a nice peninsula/breakfast bar. The window points out back and has a great view of the woods.
This is only the 2nd house we have seen and after watching many episodes of House Hunters, I realized I'm nothing like the buyers on that show. I could basically make anything work. As long as it has a 2 car garage and a nice yard, I could make anything work.
Now I just have to convince my wife to come out and take a look at it, oh yeah, and find money to pay for it.

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  1. Ha! I just started watching House Hunters, too, and thought the same exact thing. I've only watched it a couple times, I just can't identify with it at all. I prefer the landscaping shows ;)