Friday, April 30, 2010

our new place

It's official, we moved out. Handed in our apartment keys yesterday. Dropped off the last bit of stuff at storage and we are offically moved in with my sister. It really has not hit us yet because all four of us have not been home at the same time yet. This weekend, with our parents coming in to town, it's going to get crowded. I just hope my wife finds a job soon so we can move on, buy a house and get ready for the baby.

Training wise, this has not been a good week. My schedule has been switched around so much because of moving all the furniture out I wasn't able to get many workouts in. I think I am also going to miss my normal running and biking routes. I do like finding new ones though, but they are not as nice as my normal ones because it's more in the city where my sister lives.

I finally got my team in training triathlon outfit...

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  1. I bet moving all that furniture etc. was a great core workout though! :)